The Koncrete Rose

Midwest music artist Konsept The Emcee has proven to be both a beacon of inspiration, as well as a platform for artists of all creative mediums to elevate from with his time spent uplifting here in the art and music community of Chicago. Accredited by local hip hop moguls Lupe Fiasco and Chance The Rapper, Konsept made his television debut in 2019 on the popular Netflix docuseries Rhythm + Flow, while speaking out on national mental health issues, bullying and gun-violence in the education system.

His team is currently banding together with social movement allies #NoMusicForICE and will be taking a stand against the inhumane treatment of immigrant children in that are currently US custody, while raising funding and social awareness for programs such as BorderKindness and Border Angels.



Konsept The Emcee is an influential musician and a highly acclaimed artist with critics and fans alike. Calling Chicago home, the Hip Hop Artist career of Konsept The Emcee began with a bang in 2018, with the release of their first single Koncrete Roses.

Black and White Cassette Tape


Chicago, Il




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